Our History

"The Pot Shop" was founded by Robert (Bob) Eckels and Glenn Nelson in 1960. It was originally located in Ashland, WI. In the early sixties, the original structure was placed on flatbed truck and moved to its current location just south of  Bayfield. 

Bob Eckels played a key role in the arts movement of the Bayfield peninsula, leading the art department at Northland College, and by mentoring young clay artists through apprenticeships. Bob's work in clay is known throughout the country. 

One of Bob's children Deanna Eckels, followed in his footsteps, becoming an acclaimed porcelain artist, while the other two became successful musicians.  

Today, Deanna Eckels continues the legacy of her father, and Eckels Pottery and Fine Craft Gallery displays the areas finest pottery made right here in our studios.  In addition, the gallery features the talents of more than forty other local, regional and national artists. 

At Eckels Gallery we showcase pottery, jewelry, wood, stone, metal, garden art and more. Special orders are always welcome, and with our profound enthusiasm for the arts, you will also find classes and community events throughout the year.  

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Deanna Eckels

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